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COOL Construction

The Idea is to give the external wall of the construction site for the Metro M3 line a futuristic look. On all the visible pillars you find the 17 new Metro stations from the Metro Line M3. And in between the Metro station-names you will find the important sights, landmarks or showplaces and as well the distance from the metro station to it.

But the wall is not only used as a information platform. The integrated seats between the stakes are for the people to sit down and have a break, or to follow the happening on the construction site. 


There are two options for the Construction


Option 1: construction using concrete boards as the backing and the pillars constructed of Forex boards. These are ideal as they are weatherproof and light and will not require changing the facade. Another interesting aspect of these materials is the ability of relocate the construction to a different location.


Option 2: construction using painted timber boards as the backing and the pillars constructed of Forex boards.

This option is cheaper but may not have the longevity as option 1.

It is however more simple to set up. 

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