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Viewpoint Pulpit Rock "The Blinker"

The current viewing point at Pulpit Rock represents a unique natural observation deck over the Lysefjord. This observation deck was formed through environmental conditions. At some point in the future it is very likely that the rock formation will collapse into the Lysefjord. Until that day, the Idea is to create a Cafe for all the hikers and walkers to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

In this project "THE BLINKER" the natural Pulpit Rock will be prevented from sliding down into the Fjord in the upcoming years and remain part of the visitor experience for many many more years. The Idea is to use the structure of the cafe/bar as an anchor between the public Platform and the massive Rock. With the Idea the natural surface structure of the Platform will be retained. The only thing visual to be seen as new is the entrance to the cafe/bar which is contained in a natural gap in the Rock.

As an interaction between the hystorical rock and the new structure there are natural textured concrete slabs used on the walls, floor and ceiling.

From the entrance the visitor is greeted with "THE BLINKER BAR" which has an awesome view under protection of the Rock. The way down comes up with a unique look trough the crevice over the Lake Lysefjord in the direction of the mountain range.

The facade is covered with tinted glazing with high safety mounted within copper pillars. Horizontal sliding doors can be opened or closed dependent on the weather. 

Now... imagine you had a long hiking day, you reach Pulpit Rock go down to the Blinker Bar and drink a hot chocolat with the most awesome view over the mountains... what a Hot chocolate.

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